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The goal of the SMHA Athlete Development APP is to connect athlete's to developmental programing critical to their success. Coaches play a key role in the process. When a coach engages in their role of monitoring development athletes are 20x more likely to complete week-to-week tasks. It’s important to log in prior to each practice. Review your dashboard take notes on progress. Plan positive encouraging discussions that focus on team adherence and improving it. 
To view progress log into  In your dashboard you will see club average completion rate and team average completion rate. Your goal is to ensure your team average is climbing and above the club average. 
Auto generated athlete progress reports are sent to parents that have added their email to the athlete profile. Reports update parents on weekly athlete completion rate vs. team and team completion rate vs. club. Parents also receive weekly nutrition education. The goal of this update is to ensure parents understand the development process while also receiving an education on nutrition as they are they are in charge of fueling the athlete. To receive updates parents need to visit Log in using the athlete username and password. Click "edit profile" in the menu and then insert email address into the parent email field & save. 
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Rules of mental training 

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Pillar 1: Lazer focus 

Pillar 2: Supreme Confidence 

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