Our founder Mark Reilly ("Reills") grew up obsessed with sports. Mark had a tough home life growing up... At 9-years old Mark's mother died of breast cancer after a grueling 5-year battle. Marks father quickly remarried. Marks step mother was physically and emotionally abusive. The only thing that kept Mark centered was sport. Hockey, basketball, football, volleyball and skiing became safe outlets. His coach's were incredible mentors. His teammates family. Sport kept life focused, meaningful and light hearted. 

Mark went on to play college volleyball winning a national title in 1994, becoming first team all Canadian, All-Conference and National Finals MVP. Mark then moved to California to learn beach volleyball. As a top ranked Canadian athlete Mark won multiple national events eventually playing on the FIVB World Tour and AVP (USA Tour). 

Mark eventually landed in Toronto. Frustrated by the lack of government support Mark created Canada's first for profit volleyball club in Toronto. The program quickly gained traction as Canada's top athlete's were now being paid to coach! Programing was carefully planned and executed. Thousands of athlete's participated across indoor and beach volleyball programs. As the business grew over time competition crept in. The internet that had helped Mark grow his business soon became his biggest threat. Website program content that took years to refine was being copied and pasted by his competition tricking his users to register his competitions programs that were named closely and appeared almost exactly as his. Frustrated and unsure of what to do Mark took a step back removing ego and emotion from his thought process. He quickly realized that as much as he believed his product and offering was better then his new found competition it was not. His competition replicated his core program offerings.  This realization forced him to look at athlete development through a completely different lens. What is athlete development? How are we measuring it? How are we reporting it? And if this can be figured out what type of an advantage would this bring to sport? Mark quickly began to research the internet asking questions like "What did Lebron James eat as a kid"? "Who were Sidney Crosby's trainers"? "How did Usain Bolt train as a kid" Amazingly search after search produced the same result "NOTHING FOUND". Mark quickly realized he was on to something. 

The product journey began with algorithms on spreadsheets that reported skill development. Mechanics within a skill were established and scores were given based on proper movement patterns. Reports were then sent via email. Mark then discovered adobe flex, a technology that allowed  him to insert a layer (data base with ability to ask questions and score answers) between a user and video they were watching. This allowed athletes to workout on-line and generate progress reports.  

"At the time not everyone had computers. We were asking people to change their behavior (athlete, coach's and parents). This was met with huge resistance"

Mobile phones didn't have the ability to generate a solid user experience. Keep in mind all of this was happening in 2013. It's incredible to see the advancements hardwares and softwares have made in only 8-years. Today STT has an incredible web based platform that allows different user levels to perform day-to-day tasks. We have responsive web based APP's, IOS and Android APPs for our customers consideration. Thousands of lines of code have been written and continue to be written on a monthly basis as STT products and user experience continuously evolve. 

The future of sport requires technologies that power, report and promote development. STT continues its long standing committed of innovating and implementing athlete development products for athlete development professionals and the athlete's they guide.