Copy of Return To Play Promotion Spring 2021

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Our partners shine in the APP store and Google play! Digital is here to stay. We are here to help you launch and realize digital growth!

As physical and mental wellness are stressed as priorities during this difficult time families investing in sport now look for a broader definition of return to play  programing. Organizations implementing digital development into their curriculums will be best in class.  

Our digital offering is designed to connect, power and report athlete development. Various aspects of wellness, including nutrition, mental health, personalized workouts, testing and messaging are combined to deliver highly affordable industry leading athlete development.

Every athlete deserves an opportunity to learn and grow. Digital development makes this possible.


Athlete's Receive

  • branded mobile app available in the APP store or Google play
  • 6-months of age appropriate workouts (2-per-week. 48-workouts total)
  • weekly nutrition education from expert nutritionists 
  • lifestyle tracking (sleep, hydration, nutrition & recovery)
  • athlete / team progress reports  
  • messaging features
  • event scheduler (sync's to mobile phone calendar)
  • team coach connectivity 
  • weekly auto-generated parent updates 

 Launch Our Program Now!





 Launch Our Program Now!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: We use Team Snap and Sport Engine. Is this application different and if so, how?
A: Yes, its very different. Team Snap & Sport Engine are athlete management applications designed to help parents navigate their season. Athlete's don't play a role in these applications.Our's is an athlete development application that provides athletes with content relative to their developmental needs. Athlete's are linked to trainers & their team coaching staff. Team coach's have access to player profiles, scheduling tools and messaging ensuring athlete and team progress is on track.  


Q: We like this technology but we have a trainer / gym that we use. Can we use include them? 

A: Yes, 100%. This is a common request for organizations. Integrating trainers is super easy.   

Q: Can we up-charge athletes and make a profit?  
A: Yes, we encourage partners to up-charge at values they believe are fair


Q: Can we negotiate a longer term? 
A: Yes,100%. 

Q: Is this service proven?
A: Yes, we have been offering these services since 2015

Q: We are interested in the deal but would like to add the mental training component for coach's and athletes. Is this possible?
A: Yes, speak to your sales rep for pricing details. 

Q: Can we use this application to train skills, grade and communicate for our tryouts?
A: Yes. Speak to your sales rep to learn more